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Life Updates

Before I can begin updating you on 2023, let’s rewind back to 2018. I graduated from FAST-NUCES, Pakistan with a B.Sc. in Computer Science. The four years of my life were full of interesting people, captivating lectures, and lifelong friends.

After graduating, I started working as a software engineer at Pantera Energy where I loved coding and meeting clients. During my job, I decided to take some time off and back-packed in Istanbul, Turkey with one of my loveliest friends, Majlinda. After six months, I came back to Pakistan where I joined HCI for Social Well-being Lab as as a Research Associate.

And so, while I am just starting my third year, I have been in the research “business” for about five years. I have loved every project I have worked on, whether it was designing systems for the marginalized communities of Pakistan or using explainable AI to raise awareness in my country or developing and investigating communication tools at Brown.

Write me an email or send a DM tweet on @ziftikha for comments, suggestions, collaborations or just Ph.D. advice :)